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V Wash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene

৳ 450.00

  • Daily use intimate hygiene wash
  • Feminine care and hygiene
  • V Wash Plus leaves you feeling comfortable & fresh all day long
  • It is safer to be used during menstruation & even during pregnancy
  • Al day fragrance
  • No bad smell
  • Competitive price
  • Proven by the users

Size: 100 ml

Made in India

Dial order to phone +88 019 4040 4019

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V Wash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene is a personal care product for women that cleanses their most intimate area. Using this product will prevent irritation, itching, pain, bad odor, white discharge, and infections in the vaginal area. Most women believe that soaps are enough for daily hygiene of their entire body, but that is not true. The ideal vaginal pH value is 3.5-4.5. Many soaps are alkaline, which means that they have a pH value of 8-10. This upsets the pH value inside the vagina. Just using water also does not help, as the pH value of water is 7. VWash Plus uses a lactic acid formulation that helps maintain the ideal and delicate pH value of your most intimate body part. 

Product Details of V wash plus expert intimate hygiene (INDIA)

V wash plus expert intimate hygiene is a personal care product for women and girls. Maximum women in Bangladesh thinks soap is enough for entire body wash. Did you know healthy vaginal Flora requires a pH of 3.5? But other products like soap contains PH between 3.5 to 4.5. V Wash Plus has the unique PH balance formula of Lactic Acid. Which is the best defence against any vaginal discomfort or infection. Whatever your age, V Wash is the best to protect your most delicate area. Daily use of V Wash Plus makes you feel comfortable all day long.

*V wash plus is enriched with sea buckhorn oil which contains an abundance of vitamins minerals antioxidants and amino acids.
Key ingredient of v wash plus: Lactic acid 1.2% w/v
B/br> *Daily washing with v wash plus leaves a fresh sensation and maintains healthy vaginal flora
*Prevents unpleasant odour and irritation in the intimate area *Paraben and SLS/SLES free
Use in two easy steps:
-gently squeeze the bottle to take few drops of v wash plus
-apply externally to intimate area and wash away
Take care
-Do not swallow
-Avoid contact with eyes
-Keep out of reach of children
-Store at the temperature not exceeding 30 degree Celsius
-For external use only


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