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Revlon Shampoo 20 FL 592 ml

৳ 590.00

Advantages of shampoo:
  • Shampoo keeps hair silky and smooth.
  • The shampoo foam is pleasing.
  • Keeps dirt, dust, oil and pollutants away.
  • Shampoo is easy to rinse.
  • There is minimum skin and eye irritation.
  • It gives a thick and creamy feeling.
  • Is less toxic.
  • It is biodegradable.
  • It is slightly acidic.
  • Causes less damage to hair.
  • Repairs damaged hair.

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Product Details

REVLON Normal to Dry Shampoo- 592ml. If you wish for long and voluminous hair, here is a solution. The Revlon Flex Body Building Protein Shampoo grants your wishes by rejuvenating your hair. This nourishing shampoo is suitable for normal and dry hair. By purging out the impurities present in your hair, this Revlon Flex Shampoo cleanses your scalp and hair efficiently, thereby making your hair healthy and refreshed. In addition, the body building shampoo boosts cell growth and makes your hair appear lustrous and full. By retaining the natural moisture levels of your hair, the protein shampoo keeps your hair smooth and soft. Also, you can now get easy-to-handle hair as this Revlon shampoo is capable of keeping your hair tangle-free and manageable. Your hair will not be damaged since this shampoo cleanses without stripping the hair of moisture. Along with cleansing, the Flex shampoo also leaves your hair with a fresh flex fragrance. Made in Uk.

Advantages of shampoo:

Shampoo is a liquid detergent, it is a hair care products and is used for the removal of dirt, oil, skin particles, dandruff, pollutants and other contaminants that build up in the hair.

Shampoo being a liquid detergent is convenient to use it in our daily life. Compared to powdered detergents liquid detergents dissolve more rapidly, in cold particularly and they usually generate less dust and easier to use.

Aesthetic values of shampoo with respect to it appearance, fragrance, viscosity is important than any other liquid detergent.

The concentration is shampoo is about 8% as it requires shampoos to be mild to skin and low irritation to eyes.


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