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Lolane Pixxel Hair Straightening

৳ 600.00 inc.VAT

Lolane Pixxel Hair Straightening : Strong Formula

For Strong or Curly Hair. Extra cream added.

Quick straight within 10 mins. For soft and smooth straight hair.

Made in Thailand

Dial order to phone +88 019 4040 4019

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Direction :

1. Wash your hair with shampoo. No conditioner needed. Rinse off and blow dry for damp hair.

2. Wear gloves and squeeze Lolane Pixxel Hair Straightening in a plastic or glass bowl.

* Do not use metal containers.

3. Divide your hair into small parts, then apply cream onto each parts starting from the back part of your neck. Leave away from hair roots about 1 cm. Leave it for 20 – 30 mins.

4. Test your hair flexibility every 5 -10 mins by using both index fingers curl your hair and pull it out. If it stretches out double times, the performance of the product reaches its peak. (Hair elasticity and flexibility depend on individual hair condition)

5. Rinse with clean water without shampoo. Be careful not to get into eyes

Then blow dry and straighten your hair with straightener by dividing your hair into small parts and straighten each parts to the hair length, leaving 1 inch from hair roots.

6. Squeeze hair color cream into plastic bowl, then apply the product onto your hair

7. Use a wide tooth comb to gently straighten your hair .

8. Leave the stretching hair for 10 minutes. The product will keep your hair straighten.

7. Wash your hair thoroughly without shampoo, then apply hair conditioner or hair treatment for soft and smooth hair effect.Rinse off with clean water and blow dryer. Give your desired hair styling.

* More Ceramide added in the product (475 grams size) to protect your hair from heat up to 180 degree Celsius.


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