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Dr. Royal Shampoo (5 in Repair)

৳ 385.00

Dr. Royal Shampoo
Pro-Keratin + Ceramide

5 Repair
a. Hair Fall Stop
b. Density
c. Vaitality
d. Shine
e. Silkness

Dr. Royal Since 1908
Size: 250 ml
Formulated by Hong Kong

Production License: xK16-109 6178
Hygiene license: (2003) No. 29-XK-2470
Sodium Standard: QB/T 1645

Dial order to phone +88 019 4040 4019

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EFFICACY: contain pure Alpinia extract, herbal and bureau of Oil various rare in essence, and to join with the must be rich Collagen and hair growth nutrients. promote blood circulation, Prevent hair loss, clean scalp residual dirt, give hair multi protection make the hair shine light, elastic. After using the hair not dry, not oil, soft easy to comb, and can stretch the scalp, relieve fatigue

INGERDIENTS: Ginger extract ,Bo Hezhi, sea salt, giycerin, shea butter ,natural , Locust , feiyang grass tree, coconut oil, Clean Charcoal fat, sea salt, glycerin, and dansi, Mug note, saponins, feiyang grass tree, seed oil fatty acid salt, lauryl sulfate mirror, mgds banana wheat peptide, citric etc.




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