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Real Pure Alcohol Free Organic (Natural) Face Wash

(67 customer reviews)

৳ 715.00

Key Benefits

*** 98% NATURAL
*** Alchol Free
*** 100% SLS Free
*** For Smooth, Fresh and young Skin
*** Remove Pimple and Others Face Spot
*** Australian Davidson Plum Fruit Extract
*** For All type of Skin

Size: 150 mL


Dial order to phone +88 019 4040 4019

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HOW TO USE: Massage onto damp face and neck, to create a light lather. Rinse thoroughly with warm water & pat dry. Use morning and evening.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate, Sodium Cocoyl Glucomate, Acrylates/Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Davidsonia Jerseyana (Davidson Plum) Fruit Extract, Fragrance, CI 19140, CI 42090

Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate is not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful, and has a low oral toxicity. It is not found to be mutagenic, irritating or sensitizing, although as stated above, it may enhance the penetration of other ingredients through the skin. (Google Data)

WARNING: In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, discontinue use. For external use only.  Avoid eye area



67 reviews for Real Pure Alcohol Free Organic (Natural) Face Wash

  1. Rayna

    Hi, very nice website, cheers!
    It is really excellent Product which i use already before i leave your Country, I bought some half dozen from your Website. I really appreciate your Quality and price is also cheaper than our country.



  2. MatReussy

    I really Love your this awesome and excellent Organic Products.

  3. সালমা সুলতানা রহমান

    চমৎকার একটা ফেইজ ওয়াস, যা ব্যাবহার করে আমার সমস্ত কালো দাগ চলে গেছে। আমি গত ৫ মাস যাবৎ ব্যাবহার করছি।

  4. Shima Nargis

    Amar pimple ebong kalo dag shompuno vabey choley gecehy. Ei face wash ta ekta oganic treatmen. Shima, Uttara

  5. সনি

    অনেক ফেস ওয়াস বাজারের কিনলাম কিন্তু কোন উপকার পেলাম না, পিপল্স তো কমছে না, আপনার এই ফেস ওয়াস ব্যবহার করে বেশ উপকার পেলাম। ভাইয়া বাজারে নিয়মিত পাব তো?

    • admin (verified owner)

      Thank you Sony, I hope you will continue our Products

  6. tahia

    চমৎকার একটা ফেইজ ওয়াস , ব্যবহার করে বেশ উপকার পেলাম

  7. Shirin islam

    This product is so awesome
    Benefits for oil control
    Ami use korar por Amar oil vabe ta choly gecy

  8. Tabassum

    Really it’s a Awesome product

  9. Linda

    First class 😘😘

  10. সোনিয়া আহমেদ

    সব সময় পাওয়া গেলে ভাল হত

  11. Labonno

    Best best and better

  12. Parven

    Ai products ta khub Valo r ai products ta oil control o Kory r natural glow kory

  13. Lisa Gomes

    Nice Product and useful

  14. Marry

    Excellent product

  15. PaulBor

  16. Rabeya Khatun

    It’s good and alcohol free

  17. Hamida

    Good Prodcuts

  18. Afsara Ahemd

    Amar face er oil control

  19. Avaina Laila

    oil control benefits

  20. porshi shaon

    Really it’s lovely product

  21. Anonnna Absar

    Vaiya Daraz er moddow apnar shob product dheklam, Price valo diyechen. Offer ta kotodin thakbey ?

  22. Lovely Hossain

    Ami apnar Prodcut Daraz thekey kineychi, Thank you for ship me same time.

  23. Tania mahmud

    Amar tottaly oil Control hoiye gechy ei face wash e

  24. Saba binte Solaiman

    Ami eta like kori karon, eta Alchol free

  25. Habiba Rani

    Tottaly remove my pimple and acne

  26. Sornali Chakma

    i like it, really good

  27. Runu Chowdhury

    This product make my face younger skin and smooth

  28. Roji

    It’s Totally Oil Control Korey. Good

  29. Robin Malik

    Simply Awesome Product

  30. Sara khan

    Awesome Prodcut. Amar Face er pimple choley gechey

  31. Kakoli

    Ami onek Face wash use korecychi, but eto valo face wash pai nai. Amar skin tottaly looks young and smooth

  32. Bany Hossain

    Cannot compare with any ordinary face wash bro. Thanks for the nice product

  33. Nowsehr

    Really it’s lovely Brother

  34. Nick Boris

    Hi, i am from USA, i stayed in Gulshan, i got your product form Pharmacy 24 at Gulshan 2, Really it’s excellent product. Can i offer you supply your product in USA ? If so than i want to be your distributor.

  35. Thithi Rima

    Can i take 12 pcs as Whole sale price. I ask Pharmacy 24 at Gulshan but they said they cannot give me Discount much. I use your fcae wash, it’s excellent. I need it for my Shop.

  36. Nironjon Saha Rani

    Dharun product, Amar Daughter er face er oil control koreychey.

  37. Rubi

    Excellent and Awsome, Good Quality. Shotti eta sulphate free. Valo kaaj korey face er jonno

  38. Jesmin

    Ami apanr product Paltan Super market er MODA Italy thekey kineychi, Shotti Osadharon. Ami apanar product shobgulo use koreychi, Excellent.

  39. Hsifa begum

    Ami apanr ei FB er page dhekey apnar online theky nieychi. Khoubi valo kaaj korchey.

  40. Anna Islam

    Amar Pimple er joono eto Face wash use koreychi kintu kichutey kono kaaj hoi nai, But apnar ei Face wash ta Online e thekey kiney ami use koreychi, 100% useful. Asholey shob online valo Products paowa jai na. apankey Thank you. eto valo products Online e sale korar jonno

  41. Samuel Nora

    Awesome and Excellent Face wash, thank you Real Pure Company.

  42. Raatiri Baroi

    Really ami ei product er Appreciate na korey parlam na. Eto darun ja boley bujatey parbo na. Amar Face er Oil control koreychey. Apanr Online a jeno available thakey

  43. Shahanoor

    As a actress i am using this product after my shooting, Ami excellent result pyechi. Thank you Real pure

  44. Sonlai Islam

    Nice and great Product, I got great result this product. Well done

  45. Amreen Rahela

    Ami 19 years. Amar Face er Oil Control er jonno ami apnar onloine thekey kinechi. Excellent.

  46. Chaity Das

    Amar Pimple ebong Face er Dag choley gechey, Nice Product, Thank you Real Pure.

  47. Salma akther

    100% Oil control korey, Ami apanr online thekey kineychi. Bhaiya Half dozen niley koto porbey price ?

  48. Sima Sima

    it’s Oil Control Face wash, I like it

  49. Nahar Vahnu

    Brother I just came from USA, and in the Bangladesh Air poluation got pipmle in my Face, I got your this Organic Product on Google business advertisement, Really i got useful in this product, after i use this product it has remove my pimple and oil. I hope i will get more from your website and of course give me wholesale price. Thank you . I will Email you my address.

  50. Morium Begum

    Bhaiya apni ekta valo product dilen Bazar e, Jodio o eta apanr select kora shop gulo te pawoa jai, Ami Easter Mollika te Matro 2 ta dhoka e peyechi. Osadharon.

  51. Jashami Rana

    Brother Too good for me and also for my Wife, Apanr SKOR Exfloting cleaser ta Awesome.

  52. Anowar

    Amar Wife er jonno kineychi apnar Website thekey, Brother Thank you for such a good product

  53. Habiba Rani

    Nice Face wash, I bought it from Eastern Mollika

  54. Fouzia Haque

    It’s a Excellent Product, I use your Body wash and also face wash, it’s totally remove Oil from the Face. Thanks for your products.

  55. Saima Rezin

    Bhaiya, Apnar Facewash Ami Eastern Mollika, Moriyaum Colletcion thekey kineychi, Ami Real Pure body was and face kineychi, Ekdom fatafati. Bodywash to ami Face a use korteychi, eta to two in one

  56. ASHA Jamal

    Ami apnar product use korar por Amar skin ekdom young and look fresh.

  57. Raisa Ismail

    Brother, i have check your FB pages, Really all of your products are nice and great Ingredients.

  58. Ourin

    Bahiya, Ami apanr Product ta Use korar por amar pimple remove hoiye gechey

  59. Zahan Noor

    unbelievable, it’s good fro pimple remove and young skin

  60. Eva Bor

    I am a Traveler from USA and i got this products from MODA ITALY, Really it’s suit for my Face. Love it

  61. Sam Noon

    If do not use this products, than i never knew what a great is it !!!!!

  62. Bonna

    Awesome, Really Awesome

  63. Eva Salma

    Excellent Product

  64. Akhi

    Khubi valo ,Amar pimple dur hoyce

  65. Ranu

    It’s good for oily skin

  66. Razia

    Second time nilam,khubi valo akta product

  67. Rimi

    This product make my skin very soft,

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